Monday 2 September 2019

”Protesters create airport chaos”

So this is today’s front page. 
The government won’t even discuss the Five Demands. Apparently Beijing won’t let Carrie Lam, the CE of Hong Kong, do that. And I’m thinking WTF? Because Beijing said that hing Kong was to handle this in its own. And if the also won’t let Lam resign, then why doesn’t she just go out in a limb and start talks with protesters? 
Not that it would necessarily do any good. Because demands now include independence for Hong Kong and that’s just not on.  It in a million years. So it just goes on.
And friends of ours were caught in Tung Chung. They were in their way to our place here in Discovery Bay and couldn’t make it cause of protesters who then went on to trash the MTR (subway). They were told they’d have to walk. Instead they took the subway to central just before the station was trashed. 
Jing says she sees a lessening in numbers. And that the end is near. I hope she’s right. I don’t quite see it yet...
Meantime Hong Kong suffers. Ironically the average working people most. Some “democracy” this. 
And now I see that the protesters are calling for city-wide strike and occupation of three MTR stations ..