Monday 9 September 2019

Kicking own goal, good idea, protesters… (not)

Today’s front page 

I watched this yesterday from the start. It was deliberate, destructive and pointless. The biggest own goal for our town.

It may be — at its most charitable — that the protesters have good goals in mind. Freedom and Democracy ‘n all. But that doesn’t make it right. The road to hell, as they say… god preserve us from useful idiots.

There’s also plenty of blame for the government, especially Carrie Lam, our Chief Executive. Alice Wu dishes it out here.

Some proposals are coming into focus. Eg Housing.

Mike Rowse pushes the use of land in the New Territories for social housing. Agree. And if it has to be by buy-back from the tycoons, so be it. “Use it or Lose it “. Singapore apparently has a model for this.

And there’s other land that could be used, like the “brown fields”, disused old manufacturing and storage sites. There are many. I’ve driven by them.

And then the “ding” land rights under the colonial era indigenous land use policy. That’s outdated and ought be scrapped. But the government has been doing the opposite and protecting their land, so they’re in hock to the Kuks.

These options have been urged in the government over many years. But ignored.

Lam is eating the bitterness of her and her predecessors’ utter failure to show courage to take on tycoons and Kuks.

Go on Carrie. Get a move on.