Sunday 8 September 2019

“President Trump Liberate Hong Kong”

Unidentified kid calls on the US to pass legislation punishing Hong Kong.
Way to go....
I’m watching this guy outside the US consulate general in Hong Kong surrounded by American flags, singing the American anthem and calling on Trump to “Liberate Hong Kong”.

This is insanity of the first order on too many levels. Depressing. And disgusting.

There’s talk they are manipulated. Most obviously by the US. I’m not sure. They’re perfectly capable of this nonsense on their own.

Mind you, it is true they’re getting some money. The student daughter of a friend of ours was offered a few thousand HKD to join the demos which she did. Then she decided to quit but was threatened with doxxing. Others are handing out Octopus cards so the protesters can travel comfortably between demos. When they’re not blocking the trains themselves, that is.