Sunday 15 September 2019

SCMP - Beijing is making Hong Kong’s property tycoons sweat bricks – it was long overdue

This is good. At least Beijing is getting on the property tycoons' case. Rather than, say, banging on about "rioters" and "terrorist splittists". The tycoons in Hong Kong have made billions and really owe it to Hong Kong to give something back. I agree with that. Land they're sitting on? Use it or lose it.
Not that the government will step up to the tycoons. They're too pusillanimous. But having Beijing behind them on this issue might stiffen their resolve. And would be widely popular. Populist even…
So, as the orange one says "we'll see”.
LATER: Tammy Tam joins the fray:
But before their “revolution” can go anywhere further, a drastic kind of reform – if not quite a “revolution” – with a clear goal seems to be in the pipeline, ironically initiated by a call from Beijing for fairer redistribution of land, one of the city’s most precious resources. [here]