Saturday 2 November 2019

“Beijing set to tighten control over Hong Kong”

Today’s Post: “Beijing set to tighten control over Hong Kong”
So there we have it. The direct result of these protests and vandalism. As was predictable and as many of us predicted from the beginning. Unspecified “Beijing interference” — always a bit specious in my view — has now become Specified Beijing interference, clear and real. 
One slightly positive in this — Beijing reiterates “One Country Two Systems“. We ought be looking at ways to have that policy extended beyond 2047, rather than running around trashing our city. We have all the freedoms of a civilised liberal society — at least we did, until these protests.
Apparently Beijing will limit the greater control over issues of “national security”. Then again, that can and likely will be interpreted widely.
Similarly more involvement in appointing senior officials. It used to be mainly the Chief Executive that Beijing appointed. Appointing more layers of Beijing-friendly officials means more hewing to Beijing’s line and this is not good in the era of Xi Jinping, a cruel Leninist dictator. Look at what his minions do in places like Xinjiang — the incarceration of millions of ethnic Uygurs.
So the demonstrators and the vandals have achieved precisely the opposite of what they aimed. To repeat: this was predictable and was predicted, by many, including here.
They will now see what they wrought.  In the name of Freedom and Democracy.
The road to hell…