Monday 4 November 2019

On Media’s Planet Remain, Truth has become a “hard-right” concept

At the time of the referendum every major party committed to abide by the result.
Democracy requires “consent of the loser”, or chaos and damaged democracy
Me, myself? In the 3 years since the referendum, I’ve gone from squishy Leaver to  a WTO Leaver (aka “no deal” Brexit) because of two things. (Mind, I’m not a UK citizen so my views count for ought).

(1) You have to abide by the results of referenda.  Referendums are rarely held in the UK and are only held when there’s an issue that needs to be resolved. In this case “should we stay or leave the EU?”  It was resolved in the Leave.  All parties committed to implementing the results.  The carry on in parliament and other hardline Remainers has been shocking and unprincipled.  So, I’ve been turned off by their antics as have many others in the UK, who actually have a vote.... Polls show Remainers switching sides to Leave. But in any case that is -- or ought to be -- irrelevant as the issue has been resolved and ought not be re-litigated. 
Related: the scare tactics of Remainers. They’ve focussed on the economy and claims that leaving will be hugely damaging.  The latest and best they could come up with was the Yellowhammer document.  I went through it, and it’s really so much scaremongering. (Meantime: every single one of the awful outcomes predicted simply for voting for Brexit has not come true).

(2) The equally shocking, unprincipled, arrogant and dismissive attitude of the EU throughout this process. There’s a long video “Brexit behind the scenes” that shows this clearly. 
They haven’t  changed at all that triumvirate of the sleazy: Tusk, Junker and Sassoli (who?).  In what other major power does the average joe on the street not know who the president is?  
I’ve got time for Melanie Phillips on this issue.  She’s a clear thinker. Used to write for the Guardian, till she saw the light... 
Melanie on the latest Brexit deal. Sobering reading if you think that the UK is best out of the EU, as do I and the majority of the British population.  
...the deal that Boris Johnson has done with the EU will damage the UK by preventing it from making beneficial trade deals with the rest of the world. It will keep the UK shackled to the EU but without the power to influence it. It will thus negate the point of Brexit altogether.