Tuesday, 19 November 2019

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act... is really bad for Hong Kong

This United States Act is well-meaning, but dangerous. Dangerous for we Hong Kong residents and dangerous to our autonomy. I've said this many times before and quoted experts on the subject.
But know-nothings like Joshua Wong — the face of the revolution, who gives every impression that if he had one piece of wisdom in his head it would be very lonely — are pushing for the US Senate to pass it. On yer, Josh! Way to go. Not. 
Yet another case against:
American politicians have been warned that "most of the pain" from US legislation that could put Hong Kong's special treatment under greater scrutiny would fall on residents of the city, rather than officials in mainland China or the local government. [Here]
ADDED (20 November): Oh dear. Despite the real problems with the Act, it has been passed unanimously.  How does that happen? Not a one who cares for the potentially bad consequences for Hong Kong people? How?