Wednesday 27 November 2019

Boris creeps higher; so does Jeremy

From BritainElects, a poll of polls.  (You have to register with email)
Last time I looked, 5 November, Boris was extending his lead.  No longer. The Tories are up around 6% to 42.4%.  But the Labour Party is also up by about 5% to nearly 30%.  Well, OK, it’s extended a bit, by 1.3%, which I guess is good, at least for Boris.

Meantime, the Lib-Dems and Brexit Parties are way down and Greens down a touch to 3.4% support, which I can’t quite figure given all the hoopla from the Extinction Rebellion folks...

The fact that Labour is still threatening might be good for the Tories.  In the hastily called 2017 election, people were so certain the Tories would win that many Tory voters felt safe in making a protest vote for Labour as a kind of kick in the pants to May. Result: May was crushed. She won only by the barest margin and it all ended with a minority government, unable to pass legislation including Brexit.

So, if Tory Brexiteers feel worried by a Corbyn government (as well they ought), no more of this protest or “tactical” voting, thank you. Just a straight Boris vote will do nicely.
Poll of polls as of 1 November