Friday 1 November 2019

“No sacred cows”. Racial harassment in British universities

I’ve [says Toby Young] been contacted by a professor at a leading Russell Group university who is worried about the spread of progressive dogma in the UK’s higher education sector. He highlighted last week’s report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission which claimed that around a quarter of students from ethnic minority backgrounds at Britain’s universities have experienced racial harassment.…
What's so absurd about all this is that Britain's universities are among the least racist places on earth. Roughly 20 per cent of students are BAME [Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic], compared with 18 per cent of 18- to 24-year-olds across the whole of the UK's population, and the percentage among academic staff is 15 per cent, compared with 13 per cent of the population. But the data that really give the lie to this nonsense can be found in the EHRC report. 
My professor discovered that if you drill down into the detail, you find that each university received an average of 2.3 total staff complaints of racial harassment and 3.6 total student complaints in the past four years. Britain's universities employ 670,000 staff and teach 2.3 million students, so that means 0.05 per cent of staff and 0.02 per cent ofstudents actually lodged official complaints. 'Almost statistically insignificant' he says.
I'd say not "almost" statistically insignificant but actually statically insignificant. Just over 300 staff complaints out of 670,000 staff — complaints about such horrific harassment as having difficulty pronouncing a foreign name — amount to nothing. 
Yet the SJW machine will roll on with more diversity training, more implicit racism workshops, more time more money more wasted effort.