Saturday 2 November 2019

Delusions of the protesters

Cheung Chung-kit, owner of Lung Mun cafe Says:
“I will always support young people. Society is unfair to them,” he says. “They have lost their freedom, which they are now fighting for.”
Huh? “They have lost their freedom”?? What delusion is this? What on earth does he mean? What freedom have they lost? They have freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom of the internet, freedom of movement. Freedom too to trash our city. The only freedoms that have been curtailed here are those of “ blue ribbons” who support the police, and get their shops trashed for their views. The lesson is “shut up or we attack you”.
Chung’s cafe was well patronised by “yellow ribbon” protesters. No wonder. He’s been giving away food for free!
Restaurant revenues over Hong Kong are down over 35%. Since the average restaurant operates on a margin of 10% at best, they’re all losing money. 300 have already gone out of business and cost of repairs to shops vandalised by the freedom fighters is $US 100 million.
Dividing businesses into “blue ribbons” and “yellow ribbons” is very bad indeed. It’s toxic. And will take forever to fix, if ever.