Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Boris extends his lead

From Britain Elects

From BritainElects.com which aggregates all polls that are registered with the British Polling Council.
Clearly striking are the massive moves in April this year. Before that it was clearly two parties. Now it’s four with Brexit and the LibDems joining the fray. Also clear is the low polling of the Greens, no matter the time and no matter the shenanigans demonstrations of the Extinction Rebellion folks.
I just saw Tony Blair on Beebs saying that this election should not be a Brexit election. Which strikes me a rather odd, if not somewhat inane, given that the only reason, the single and overarching reason Boris went for an election was that Blair’s beloved Labour Party was consistently frustrating the will of the people by trying to re-litigate the referendum. Let’s remember this is Tony “Iraq has WMD capable of hitting London in 15 minutes” Blair. And Tony “mass immigration will win Labour perennial government” Blair. See how they worked out. Anyhow no doubt Boris has heard Tony’s views and given them the exact amount of shrift they deserve. Namely short - as short as the newly retired, unlamented John Bercow……
I say “Boris extends his lead” because it’s so clear from the chart that the Tories increased their lead only after he moved into Number 10.