Friday, 8 November 2019

“Will violence kill Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement?” | Joey Siu

Interview with Joey Siu, spokeswoman for Hong Kong protesters.
Interviewer Tim Sebastian founded and was first interviewer for BBC’s Hardtalk. He interviews now on Germany’s DW TV, its public broadcast service.
I wonder what people think about this interview. I find it pretty creepy, if not scary.
To me she did harm to the “movement” she represents. There’s nothing like a bit of intolerance and lack of self-awareness to do that to you. “Violence is wrong. But we won’t do anything about it.  We won’t be splittists”. As Sebastian repeats, she’s as inflexible and dogmatic as Beijing, doing harm to democracy. And she suffers some delusions: re Hong Kong’s rule of law, for example. Still, I’d be happy to hear other views.
LATER: (14 Nov): I’ve decided the “no splitting, no condemning” view is morally vacuous. Joey: you don't condemn setting alight a middle-aged man?. You don’t  condemn bashing a 70 year old in the head with a brick?? Really? And you want to lecture us ?