Thursday 7 November 2019

We must challenge China on mistreatment of Uygurs

It’s very sad just how thoroughly money trumps human rights. T’were ever so, I suppose, but it’s horribly stark in the case if the Uygurs of Xinjiang. So much so that even the 57-members of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference can’t bring themselves to condemn the brutality against its fellow votaries. They care more about money. Brought to them by Xi’s “Belt and Road” program.
There is plenty of evidence that Han Chinese, that is to say Beijing, are carrying our systematic oppression, cultural genocide and harvesting human organs.
At the very least China ought be stripped of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. More should be done the United Nations.
Why does China do this? Because it’s scared of Xinjiang turning into a breakaway province. Radical Muslim Uygurs make no secret that they want to establish the state of “Eastern Turkmenistan”. It would likely be Taliban-style. That would be a grave threat to China, for sure. There must be other ways to handle it, than mass incarceration. Which might only serve to increase “jail-bred jihad”.
ADDED: Jay Nordlinger in the National Review
LATER: A different view from an American professor who worked in China. Chinese way of handling radicals better than America’s. Makes some thought-proving points. In Quora, which tends to be left-leaning.