Friday 15 November 2019

Unnamed cleaner, 70, killed by protesters. Unmourned

The print version headline reads “Man hit in head by brick during clash dies”. (Who threw the brick? We are not told). Online version.
There will be no flowers, no tributes, no mourning for this poor anonymous man. The Unknown Victim.
To be clear: he was hit in the head by a brick thrown by protesters*. Yet they are silent. No apology, no regret. Let alone public mourning. Unlike the other day. When student Chow Tsz-lok fell down a car park storey and died later in hospital. Then an outpouring of grief, genuine and manufactured. Flowers laid in piles at the place of his tragic fall. Immediate and unquestioned blaming of the police (even though…). And so, of course, the direct cause of the latest spasm of mayhem on our streets.
But the cleaner? Nothing.
The same for the man who was set on fire by protesters. He remains in intensive care at Prince of Wales Hospital. He at least has a name, Leung Chi-cheung; father of two daughters. He is otherwise unlamented. Forgotten by these tribunes of Freedom and Democracy, and their lackeys and enablers, the pan-Dems.
Because, says Joey Leung, spokeswoman for the “movement”, they have a policy of “no splitting, no condemning”. This is a vacuous and immoral policy. If you can’t call out inhumane murder and torture of innocent  parents (44% of Leung’s body is burnt), who are you to lecture us about anything?

*LATER: RTHK Radio 3 is reporting that the man was not confronting the protesters.  He was hit by a brick that was thrown at him deliberately. RTHK is far from a government mouthpiece; in fact, if anything, it’s criticised for being too pro-protesters (aka “yellow ribbons”).
Alex Lo laments, more in sorrow than in anger … “The end of Hong Kong as we know it”.