Saturday 23 November 2019

'What were the human rights violations in Hong Kong?’... [that led to the protests]

I’ve often said the we have in Hong Kong (or at least have had) every freedom of a modern, open, tolerant, liberal society. So what do they want, these protesters, when they say “Stand with Hong Kong, Fight for Freedom”?

There’s an answer on Quora to the above question. Quora is a pretty good site.

The answer below is from one Jane Tan, a local whose English is clearly not native. But the views she expresses, I can agree with 100%. (It’s from October 9th, but I’ve just come across it).

Jane Tans answer is below and the link is here.
I have experienced British Colonial life and post handover life in Hong Kong. During the British times, Hong Kong people weren’t given much privilege or participation in politics and the Legislative Council members were appointed by the Governor, not by people’s votes. The Governor was appointed by the British Gov. In today’s Hong Kong, everyone reaching the age of 18 and above is allowed to vote for the Legislative Council members. We can’t choose the Chief Executive because Hong Kong is not a country. It is just another city of China.
Apple Daily which is a controversial publisher, famous for its political twist, bias views and always criticizing the government has been surviving since 1997 the handover. It was founded in 1995 by Jimmy Lai. He has also encouraged people taking into the streets and fund protests. People in Hong Kong know how to protest on a regular basis now. And that is okay, total human rights of Hong Kong people.
During the Colonial rule, do you think these are allowed? The answer is NO. Today, Hong Kong is ranked as one of the city on earth that has the most freedom. Hong Kong people can do anything they like as long as it is not a crime. But now the pro-democracy thugs or protesters want to rule Hong Kong or Coup but they have no real leader. Maybe the leader is shy, scared to be identified or no leader at all. They are just crazy sheep. People in Hong Kong now are stripped off their freedom for they will be beaten by the protesters when they do not agree with them. There are new cases that the protesters are extorting money from people. The police are perceived as their enemies and they will do anything to tell the world the fake things about the police in the social media and try to destroy the police image.
We are now facing human rights violations, not from China or the police but from the pro-democracy protesters who always say “Stand for Hong Kong.” “Fight for Freedom.” “Police Brutality.” Yes, you heard it. We live in a nightmare for 4 months already under the threat of thugs, mobs and terrorists the protesters have become. [emphasis in original].