Tuesday 12 November 2019

Monday mayhem rocks the city / Man set alight

Post 12 November 2019
Yes that’s a cop firing his gun at a protester. I’m generally on the side of the police (which makes me a “blue ribbon” supporter) who are trying to stem the violence (by “yellow ribbons”), yet are accused of all sorts of crazy, nonsensical stuff .  But I do wish they would give up their guns. The protesters don’t have any so there’s limited mortal danger.

Pic above, bottom left,  is Leung Chi-Leung, a 57 year old construction worker who got doused in lighter fluid and torched with a cigarette lighter. It’s on video. He’s in hospital fighting for his life.* His crime? Yelling at the rampaging protesters — who were vandalising the MTR and shops in the area — “you’re not Chinese”. To which they responded “We are Hongkongers”. And set him alight.
Freedom and Democracy. Yay!

*LATER (12th Nov, 5 pm): still no arrests for the setting alight of a man -- attempted murder, surely. Though there are apparently vids showing who did it. But the problem is… masks!

LATER STILL (13th Nov): Alex Lo on something that had also struck me: plenty of angst and anguish over wounded protesters (aka “rioters”, in proper parlance), but almost nothing about the guy that got set alight and is now in critical condition in hospital.  So Lo wonders “Is Hong Kong OK with man being set on fire?"