Monday 18 November 2019

Germans sour on wind farms

Wind farms take up to 360 times more area than nuclear plants. Space-starved Germans are revolting against more turbines. Yet Mutti Merkel still plans to close all nuclear plants by 2021, a nonsensical reaction to the Fukushima disaster. Prices up. Supply down. Something has to break.
This year Germany will install only one eighth the wind turbines it needs to meet its own renewable target. It will only get worse, according to the Financial Times article linked below. 
One of the commenters says: Better call Bill Gates and his TerraPower new nuclear technology.
Too right!  /Snip...
Mr Schulz insisted his resistance to wind farms had nothing to do with climate change denial or aesthetic appeal. The problem, he argued, was that Germany had shifted its energy mix towards renewables — at great financial cost — without enhancing security of supply or achieving a meaningful reduction in carbon emissions. "The damage done by these wind installations is out of all proportion to the benefit," he said. Read on…