Friday 15 November 2019

‘Campus chaos and central Hong Kong clashes'

This is from CNA*, my latest go-to for news. Singaporean. Tries hard to be neutral.
Check out the weaponry in the vid and below.  Javelins, bows and arrows. Someone could be killed. The aim is surely death or serious injury.  *[Originally SCMP video, via CNA].

The video is from this CNA report: Protesters blockade universities, stockpile bakeshop weapons as chaos grips Hong Kong.  Mostly at my alma mater (Class ’77), Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  These are the “future of Hong Kong” someone says, without irony.

That bows and arrows are no ‘homemade gears” [sic]

I heard about these office workers in Central yesterday. WTF are they
doing getting out there and supporting the vandalism?  Oh, yes
Democracy and Freedom.  Yay!

It was like this all over Hong Kong last night, Mongkok, Tsuen Wan,
Hung Hom, Sheung Shui, Harbour Tunnel.