Sunday, 17 November 2019

Chinese troops on Hong Kong streets

‘Teeenshun! Preeesent brooms!  Chinese Special  Forces
leave their Kowloon barracks to help in the cleanup 
And how do I feel about this? Fine. Good, even. It was a very smart move. Soft power. 
The radicals didn’t throw petrol bombs at them. As they had with ordinary residents cleaning up. Maybe the fact that they were Special Forces had something to do with it.
Of course the pan-Dems are going ballistic. But the PLA have done this before. Last year they came out to help with the clean up after typhoon Mangkut.  Article.

ADDED (28 Nov). Jane Tan weighs in.  I believe she is who she says she is: namely a frustrated local resident. Like me, she’s fine with the PLA pitching in to help with the clean up. [Link to Quora qn]:

I am one of the many people living in Hong Kong whose daily lives have been affected for 6 months now. I have to go to work everyday but find it hard and sickening just like everybody. I also go to Mongkok every now and then to get things done and there weren’t any buses or MTR. I took the taxi but the routes were limited too. A lot of things had been ruined. Traffics not working, electrical box blasted, etc. It looks like a war torn area, bricks and barricades everywhere and sand all over the street and many shops burned. I really pity the cleaners and workers who have to pick up the mess. We never hear their complains but compassionate people see their hardships. An elderly man was even murdered by the rioters while clearing the road. My heart cries, a lot of people do feel the same. What kind of inhumane works are these.
Actually, I feel ashamed for Hong Kong. The rioters should clean after the mess but very unlikely as you can see what kind of people they are. They can’t even wash their own dishes or clean their own toilets and they want to rule Hong Kong. Their supporters are brainless too. I am sure the universities are very dirty and messy now after their 4–5 day stay there. Even animals are cleaner than them.
I think the PLA is just trying to be helpful and they are trying to show a friendly gesture as a neighbour. If you see your neighbour in trouble would you not help them? I will if I can. So the PLA is no different. I think it is just a friendly gesture. They are just keeping a low profile trying to help. They have done a good job in Macau after Typhoon Hato in 2017 if you remember. But I don’t expect them to necessarily lend a hand although I appreciate it. We as Hong Kongers cannot be that weak. We must show that we can do the tidying up ourselves and keeping peace and not let stupid black clads and the vicious people behind them take rule of Hong Kong.
The internet has too many fake news. They have corrupted people’s minds leading to the destruction of Hong Kong. I hope that this is a lesson for Hong Kongers to learn, not to listen to too many fake and negative news. It is no use having high IQs if one is easily brainwashed or disillusioned.
Edit 1: Please note that this is not a PLA deployment. It is just a volunteering like you and me.
Edit 2: I guarantee you that the press such as Apple Daily, CNN, BBC, FOX, abc, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. will make fake news about the PLA if they are dressed in full uniforms. For those who are aware and smart will know how to differentiate what is fake news or facts. Link to story