Saturday 16 November 2019

‘Boris Johnson’s Wind Energy Pledge Threatened By Brexit’

Fear mongering in Forbes magazine:
"Worst case scenario: we slip into WTO rules and we're subject to significant tariffs on these products, and we're looking at very severe delays if U.K. companies are looking to hire the brightest and best people on the continent," Hannon said. "My view is it will really hurt the sector."
But (a) Britain has said import tariffs will be zero even in no-deal Brexit. (b) in any case, under WTO rules, tariffs on wind turbines are 4%, hardly a deal breaker, especially given the big price reductions the authors brag about. And (c) staff from Europe will be permitted into the UK. They’ll just have to stand in a different queue, the one for foreign nationals. Just as we do when we go to the UK. 
In short, there is no reason that Brexit with or without a deal should impact the wind power sector in the UK. 
This is obvious and baseless scaremongering.