Wednesday 27 November 2019

SCMP - American democracy group slams Beijing’s claim it is ‘black hand’ behind Hong Kong protests, as National Democratic Institute head calls it ‘patently false’

Haggling over the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act"
Is America involved in funding the Hong Kong protest movement? 
I don't know, but I do know smart people who believe it is. And so does Beijing. 
My view has been that we should see evidence of it, if they are — yet we've seen no evidence of it. As in evidence. In the media there is only an outfit called Global Research which is run by a Canadian conspiracy theorist and the China Daily, quoting that Global Research site. I've seen nothing else in mainstream media. 
An article from America's National Democratic Institute in today’s South China Morning Post saying they did not and do not fund the protesters, protesting their innocence, is hardly disinterested denial, not, as they say, dispositive. So I discount it. 
Still, the fact that 71% of the HK population came out last Sunday and voted overwhelmingly to support the so called pan-Dem parties, suggests that it's a popular movement, not necessarily funded by American "black hands". Not that it might not welcome such help.…
And so, to me it remains an open question. 
Comments at the article are interesting. Tending to be all over the shop, equal on the yes/no sides.