Tuesday 5 November 2019

Xi Jinping talking in Shanghai

10:00 am. Xi Jinping addresses delegates in Shanghai
Live in Shanghai at the China International Import Expo
My quick live notes, as Xi is speaking:

China will open up more to the world and increase imports.
Continue to reduce tariffs.
Develop demonstration zones for imports.
[LATER: is this a new policy? Or is it just more of the same tried (and failed) in the Shanghai FTZ?  What does it mean? Will there be new ones? Where will they be? Does ”demonstration zone” mean Free Trade Zone? What impact on HK which is an FTZ? This is the sort of thing I would have followed up in the embassy or China consultancy. Thus we made our living]
Will import more high quality goods and services from around the world.
We will ensure a free and orderly flow of goods and resources and deepen integration of markets.
Will continue to open up. All sectors. All-out opening up.
China will continue to encourage bold trials in free trade zones (FTZ). Especially Hainan free trade port. Whole of Hainan will be an FTZ.
Develop the “Three Great Areas”: Yellow River Basin, Yangtze River area and Greater Bay Area (GBA) of Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Macau.
Improve business environment: China rose to 31st in World Bank “Doing Business Report”, up from 46th last year (applause).
[PF Comment: it’s still a lot tougher in China than Hong Kong].
IP protection: will improve legal protection and enforcement.
Deepen multi and bilateral cooperation. Support reforms to WTO so that it can play bigger role in promoting openness and development. Later today WTO Minster meeting.
RCEP: I am happy that yesterday 15 countries finalised Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership negotiations. Look forward to RCEP implementation.
[PF comment: more squeezing of US from the region, after Trump foolishly withdrew from TPP.  Not good for US or the world. Australia is a member of RCEP].
Want FTAs with more countries. ROK, Japan, Gulf Council.
Belt and Road (BAR) cooperation. 137 countries 197 agreements. Will pursue for joint benefits.
We value Peace and Harmony: shared future for mankind.
Thank you!

PF.  The overall impression of his speech: more opening up and more reform.
The Cynic’s take: the speech was just for international consumption, especially the US.
While these wax work dummies sit and applaud as required…
Standard issue suit, white shirt, blue tie. Applaud as directed

PS: Xi Jinping met last night with HK boss C-E Carrie Lam and reiterated 1C2S. Said had faith in the C-E to handle HK. So that’s good. Especially after the offices of Xinhua News Agency were badly trashed.