Wednesday 27 November 2019

‘How you’re being misled on the Electoral College'

Many, especially Democrats and fellow leftists, have complained about America’s Electoral College system -- prompted, largely, by the fact that Donald Trump won the election, but lost the popular vote, a fact that is repeated endlessly.

Tara Ross sorts it out for us. She’s an “author, lawyer and Electoral College expert”.

When she talks about the EC being about “big vs small” not “slave vs non-slave” states, what she’s referring to is the criticism I’ve seen around that the ECs were set up to entrench the power of slave-holding states. I think that’s a pretty strong belief out there.

I first got interested in the whole EC issue when I saw what one of my very fave authors and public intellectuals, professor Richard Dawkins, was saying about it. A Brit he may be, but he was just as upset as many an American by Trump’s victory and blamed it on the ECs.  Then again, he’s also a bit bananas over Brexit too, tweeting quite the most horridly snobbish stuff. And yet I like him! (Still).  Just a bit less than before...

Part II of the talk with Tara Ross