Tuesday 25 January 2022

And?… | “City records second straight day of triple-digit infections” | SCMP

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“Respiratory expert” Dr Leung Chi-chiu says Hong Kong is “in no position to think about dropping its zero-Covid approach in favour of coexisting with the virus”, then concludes with this zinger:
 “At this stage don’t fantasise about living with this virus, as the vaccines are not effective in tackling the mutated virus”.
What?? Is he referring to Omicron as the “mutated virus”? If so he ought to know the data show that vaxxed people are up to 49 times less likely to be hospitalised. That’s from CDC studies in the United States and is backed by other studies and experiences in the UK, Australia and Europe

Or is he talking about possible future “mutated viruses”?  If so, then what? That’s a recipe for the forever-lockdown. We’ll never be out of the Zero Covid approach.

Either way, why didn’t Post reporters Victor Ting, Gigi Choy and William Yiu seek to clarify? This is a truly stupendous statement from an expert on whom the government clearly relies. 

Further, isn’t this irresponsible when the Hong Kong government is trying hard to boost vaccination rates? For a “Respiratory expert” to say the vaccines are “ineffective”? Incredible!