Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Sam Harris: Bubble Boy

First do listen to his podcast above, which you get to by clicking on the screenshot.

My comment at the site, below.

I was Harris supporter, I bought all his books, I subscribed to all his podcasts. I watched all his YouTubes. Until his reaction to the nomination hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2017.
Harris believed (without evidence!) the nutters who claimed Kavanaugh was head of a teenage rape gang. He swallowed all of them, despite their clearly, and increasingly, ludicrous claims. That had not a shred of evidence and were subsequently shredded. (I’m neither a Kavanaugh nor a Trump fan, btw) End of Harris being “Mr Science, Mr Data-driven, Mr Hard-nosed-neutral” man.  Re the whole anti-vax thing, please let's note: strong pro-vaxxers on the Right: Shapiro (head of the largest conservative site on the internet), Gutfeld and Carlson, of Fox, even Trump is vaxxed (!). (I’m also triple vaxxxed, btw) Harris has set up a Straw Man here of people arguing ignorant anti-vax views on the Right. Not so. In the list of the 12 most influential anti-vaxxers in the US the majority are on the woo-woo Left, holistic therapy and all that. Why no mention of that by Harris? Also: no mention by Harris that the lowest vax rates in US are amongst the BIPOC communities. Which lean Dem. Why? Why ‘dat, Sam? And to dismiss Mueller Commisison findings -- because it didn’t conclude what Harris wanted, viz, Orange Man Russian Bad --- well, goodness me, what to say? That was the Mueller Report, that was the finding; the finding of a very Dem-leaning enquiry, and that was the outcome. (I read it, btw). To say that those who do accept Mueller -- ie, the science and the data -- are not living on Planet Earth?? WFT?? Sam is living on “Planet Harris from Outer Space”. So Harris only accepts findings of independent commissions when they accord with his own priors?? Again, I’m speaking as one who used to subscribe to Harris, used to buy all his books, used to admire the man. I no longer admire him. I’ve scrapped my subs. I find him now just as locked in his own bubble as he criticises others of being.  He comes out fighting but super-defensive, fighting as Bubble Boy....  Huge disappointment...

ADDED: Someone said recently, someone who, like me, has become disappointed in Sam Harris, that he loses 30 IQ points when he mentions Trump. I totally get the hate on Trump. And I hated what happened on 6 January 2021. And would not have voted for him in 2016. But Harris went bezerk. As did many on the left. Which is when Harris lost his “Mr Science” brand for me.