Sunday 23 January 2022

Watching yesterday’s NSW presser on Covid situation


I worked out from the figures quoted in the presser, something they did NOT highlight, namely age of deaths:
  • 70+ yo = 72% of the deaths
  • 60+ yo = 88% of the deaths 
  • 30- yo = 2% of the deaths. 
  • None of the under 30 had zero comorbidity.
Now, this has been the case since the very beginning of the pandemic. That it mainly affects the elderly. And those with comorbidities like obesity, high BP and diabetes. 

We knew this two years ago from Chinese data. However all around the world governments have acted as if we were all equally at risk. That was never so and continues not be to so. A counter argues that we shouldn’t downplay deaths of the elderly. But there is a difference between death of children and death of elderly. Which you can feel when you ask yourself the question: how do you feel about the death of an 8 year old? It’s a tragedy, right? So sad. How do you feel about the death of an 80 year old? Well, she had a good life, right?  It is different. And we should have acted so, protecting the elderly and the vulnerable; letting the rest get on with life.

Also the issue of comorbidity tends to be downplayed though maybe not as much as the age issue.

Downplaying the steep age curve of Covid effects, means governments close down schools. Making children the greatest victims of Covid. When they should be the least. They must be going to face-to-face teaching, and maskless. Stop the suffering of children! Get them back to school! (We’re closing them downs again here in HK, a really bad result of Zero Covid policy).

What they did highlight was to get vaccinated. Which is fair enough. Although NSW is 95% vaxxed so don’t know how much more they can do. Does “vaccines is the way out” make sense any more? When it clearly isn’t, at least by government actions which continue to tie us down. Like here in Hong Kong, where we are triple vaxxxed but locked down and schools closed again. Despite high vax rates. I just don’t believe that governments will ease — as they should do — the restrictions we still live under, no matter how high our vax rates are. When we reach 95% or even 100% vaxxed then it’ll be “we must have boosters” then second boosters, then, we must keep restrictions in case of further variables. I’m gloomy about all this. Living in a gilded cage. But still a cage. Triple vaxxxed us, but still unfree.