Tuesday 11 January 2022

Close of play


Hong Kong closes the outdoors. Click to enlarge 
Outdoor playgrounds and sports fields closed for a month as we have a “circuit-breaker” lockdown in our (so far fruitless) attempt to reach ZerOmicron. I don’t know of a single “circuit breaker” that has both (a) worked and (b) remained a "circuit breaker” for the limited time originally stated. Not in UK, not in US, not in Australia, not in Singapore. Likely not here in HK either, I’m guessing.
I committed an act of civil disobedience the other day on my daily bike ride. I tore the plastic tape away on the local football field. In front of the security guard who asked me “why are you doing that?”. Me: “because there is no science behind closing outdoors. In fact it’s better to be our aside than inside”. Him: “I take your picture for my report! Ok?”. Me: “sure”. And he did. He showed me. Looked fine. Hiding nothin’.  In front of a group of boys on bikes, eight about, who asked me “hey, mister, is it ok to go on the field then?” Me: “I’m not saying that or giving you any permission. I’m just saying the science is that it’s better to be playing outdoors than be cooped up inside. Make your own decisions”. They looked blankly at me.  No one moved. But me. Who said cheerio and left the little tableau there. Boys on bikes, bemused.Security guard, befuddled. 
I’m guessing it took the guard 3.5 seconds to re-tape the grounds and the kids went home. To indoors.