Saturday 8 January 2022

“It’s time to reconsider the city’s approach.”

…the positives [of zero-Covid policy] are crowded out by thoughts of how much long-term disruption the city’s zero-Covid policy has brought to our lives. Restaurants that
 close at 6pm are one thing, but the zero-Covid-driven quarantine regime for travellers is a much more serious matter. It has cut deep into the fabric of the city and our lives. 

We’ve been all but hermetically sealed off from the world for the past two years in support of zero-Covid. Who wants to spend weeks in quarantine as the cost of a holiday, a family visit or a business trip? 

A catalyst seems to have been lacking for Hong Kong to rethink its zero-Covid strategy. The emergence of the Omicron variant may have changed that. The impracticality of sealing the city off from this highly infectious Covid-19 variant is becoming increasing evident. 

The authorities need look no further than their own increasingly frantic actions to see that their ability to keep out Covid-19 is being stretched to breaking point. It’s time to reconsider the city’s approach.

Agree. (As I have done for a while!)