Sunday, 2 January 2022

“Conventional wisdom on virus mostly wrong” | Joshua Zimmerman

Zimmerman: As we enter the pandemic’s third year, you should know that most Covid-19 conventional wisdom is wrong and most coronavirus policies are dumb. The advent of vaccines has transformed Covid-19 from a medical disaster into a sociological disaster – a jumble of fear, confusion and bad politics.

Here is all you need to know about Covid-19: first, globally available vaccines provide temporary antibody protection against infection; second, vaccines confer longer-lasting T cell protection against serious illness and death; and third, Covid-19 is endemic.
That is not hard to grasp, but the world cannot seem to process it. Instead, we get endless catastrophising. Here’s why the following Covid-19 conventional wisdom is wrong.
I thought the comments would be mostly critical of this article but they’re not. Big change from a year ago when such thoughts would earn you the rebuke “so you want to kill grandma”. Now I guess people are just fed up. And also more aware of the data. The science. Which includes: vaccines work. So let them. No need any more for crazy NPIs or, even less so, our very own Hong Kong zero covid policy. 
SCMP running an article like this? Maybe reaction to so many correspondents, including me, who’ve pointed to the data, all along and especially since Omicron. Time to start living with it.

ADDED: Weird thing. HK 80+ only 20% vaxxed; 70-79, my age group, only 48% vaxxed. I don’t know why, unless it’s just fear. Or maybe the opposite: zero fear cause we have zero covid. Ironic, no? The story here. Including the news that we'll start vaxxing the <12yo. Which makes no sense, as their risk of side effects ~ risk of death from covid. Better hand the vax to Africa. To be clear: we are all triple jabbed in this household, so most certainly not anti-vax. I mean, the WHO is pleading for more vaccine donations and we’re jabbing kids coz our elderly can’t be bothered?