Tuesday 4 January 2022

Ok, Millennial (and Zoomers too, right?)

Woodstock: like all Boomers “I was there!”
A view. By a grouchy old Boomer man. Understood — maybe even appreciated — by another grouchy old Boomer man…

OK millennial, you don’t care for us baby boomers. You complain that we’ve taken all the food off the table and left you the crumbs. You say we cling to our jobs and won’t make room for you. And you especially resent how, throughout, we took ownership of the zeitgeist, the spirit of the age. [Read on…]

ADDED: I’m reading the above article because I’m looking for a Wall Street Journal Opinion piece that has upset our Chief Secretary, John Lee. Always seems a bit dodgy to me when government officials have a go at a newspaper. In Singapore it often means censorship of offending pieces, sometimes literally cutting them out of print editions of the International Herald Tribune or the Journal. And it always gives more publicity to the supposedly offending piece. The good ol Streisand effect. What’s the point? To scare the Journal? Unlikely. To make clear that Hong Kong is ever more censorious? For sure.   

[The Op-Ed: “No one is safe in Hong Kong”]