Tuesday, 25 January 2022

CDC: Natural immunity from Covid is *as protective* as vaccine immunity

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This is comprehensive data from the United States CDC, which is made comprehensible in a vid by John Campbell.

The above chart, from the CDC study, is for Cases. There’s another for Hospitalisation, which is very similar. In short:

Unvaccinated catch Covid more than the vaccinated (no surprise). People who have had Covid catch it and are hospitalised even less than the vaccinated who’ve not had Covid. IOW: natural immunity from having had Covid is very protective against both catching Covid and being hospitalised by it. That’s according to the premier US outfit, the Center for Disease Control, CDC.

It makes you wonder why Sajid Javid the UK Health Minister, is planning to sack 88,000 NHS staff who are unvaccinated, when many will have natural immunity. And the NHS is already 100,000 staff short. ICU doctor Steve James has that story.

[Reminder: I’m a triple-vaxxxed vaccine supporter!]

The chart for hospitalisations: