Friday 14 January 2022

Novak, Novax, Novisa, No-sense

No-sense government. 
Novak had a valid Australian government-approved exemption from vaccination, issued by Oz government before he stepped into his plane. Because he'd had Covid, twice. 
He arrives in Oz and gets cancelled. 
By a government that does it in the “national interest”. Which seems a stretch. In particular his alleged danger to the Australian public, which in these days of rampaging omicron is surely moot.
Court finds in favour of Djokovic. ScoMo overturns it anyway. Cancels his visa. Rinse and repeat.
This is a monster own goal by ScoMo admin.*
Embarrassed for Australia. And even the ABC thinks so.

*Or maybe not. I’ve seen reports that 80% of the Australian public think Djoko should have been kicked out. Cause “no one is above the game”. But they seem happy for an Oz Minister to be above the law by exercising an arbitrary right of deportation over its own Federal Court 
Meantime Novak’s tennis playmates have thrown him under the bus. Preferring to criticise him, rather than a capricious government in no way “following the science”