Monday 10 January 2022

The greatest reality show in the universe

Click above for vid 
Dr Becky Smethurst, astrophysicist at Oxford Uni brings us welcome news on recent James Webb Space Telescope deployments. There are zillions of YouTubes out there telling us all about Webb, and it’s wonderful to see the huge global interest. I’ll find a few that I’ve liked and link here in due course.

There’s also great links at Dr Becky’s vid above. Eg: “Believe the hype

With Webb we — humankind, Homo sapiens, the only species we know that can apprehend the universe — will  learn more about the very beginnings of our universe, right back to the Big Bang. And also maybe find life on other planets. Big stuff. Exciting Science. Happening right now, right in front of us, and with the expertise of people like Dr Becky to explain it all to us, we the unwashed. What a privilege! 


What we can expect from the James Webb

Cosmos Lab, 11 January