Friday 14 January 2022

Australia made to look foolish over government's handling of Novak Djokovic visa

Australia made to look foolish. The ABC. Though I wonder. Kicking Djoko out is popular in Australia. And amongst his tennis colleagues, who have thrown him under the bus, more hope to them for a higher result. Except for Nick Kyrgios. 

The Guardian on this issue. Pointing out the danger and opaqueness of the government’s deportation order. 

Also, I’ve just seen a report in* criticising John McEnroe for supporting Djokovic, by claiming (Yahoo, that is), falsely, that Djokovic was trying to enter Australia illegally. He was not. He had a valid visa. Which was cancelled on arrival on opaque grounds, which the Guardian — a very lefty paper, let’s remember  — points out above is very dangerous. And which had made me wonder too — will Australia cancel someone’s visa simply because they disagree with a policy of the government? 
*ADDED: The article is headed “baffling defence of Djokovic”, when it’s not at all baffling. Macca is calling out the hypocrisy of the Oz government. Admitting he poses “negligible risk” to the Australian public (pretty much zero) but that he might “stir anti-vax sentiment”?? That’s how fragile we are now? At over 80% vaxxed already? Give me a break? Pure politics at play here.