Monday, 17 January 2022

“Hong Kong students lament UK Covid strategy” | SCMP

They don’t seem to understand that their treatment is the direct result of an explicit strategy. We do track and trace and quarantine in HK because we have a zero-Covid policy. The UK does not because it has not. These three students (how were they picked from the 16,000 in UK; because they fit the Post’s priors?) strike me as whingers. Note, buried at the end of the article, they were all fine after their brush with Omicron, which lasted a few days, with cold-like symptoms. These precious little things were “shocked” that people are not wearing masks in Britain. Again, it’s coz of the strategy, and that’s OK, Zoomer!

They’re looking forward to coming back to Hong Kong. Where they can be told what to do. 

Meantime in Hong Kong, will vaccinating 5-yo be a “path out of the pandemic”: No it won’t. Because we’ve heard that numerous times before and the goal posts have been shifted again and again. Not to mention: why vaccinate 5 yo? 

ADDED: Comments at the site are splitting 50/50 pro and con. The most popular at time of writing (17/1) is: 

Edward E.
"I had symptoms of a cold and after testing found I had Covid." And? Do you expect the government to send you groceries and paracetamol if you have a cold or flu? These students are just babies and have been mollycoddled by the nanny state. If you are really sick and need to go to hospital and 999 does not answer the phone, then you can complain. The UK government has done a great job developing and administering good vaccines quickly that really work and more people are vaccinated than in Hong Kong, especially vulnerable groups.