Monday, 3 January 2022

“Enough with the unvaccinated delaying normal living”

We want to increase our vaccination rates, so why don't we allow GPs and Pharmacies to vaccinate?
Australia allows that and has gone from zero to hero really quickly: now 81% v our 72% — from a standing start much later than ours.
Here in HK it's strange that only 20% of the over 80s are vaccinated and only 48% of my own cohort, the 70-79 year olds, have had even a single jab. I don't know why, though I don't buy the "selfish" motive attributed to them by some of your correspondents, who appear able to read the minds of the elderly. Whatever it may be — fear of the vaccine or lack of fear of the virus (because we effectively have zero covid) — surely convenience is a factor for the elderly.
So why not allow the common sense? Give GPs and pharmacies the rights to vaccinate. While maintaining our excellent vaccine centres, to which I've been for my three jabs already.