Tuesday, 16 November 2021

It’s a climate *emergency* so why don’t nuclear and gas even get a mention …

Taihang, China, solar farm. Click screenshot to go to the thread
… at COP26, let alone get discussed in detail as key to solving said emergency? Yet: not even mentioned in the two weeks ob gabbing at COP26. Weird. When you consider the massive solar farm above in Taihang, China, would need to spread out to 32 times the to equal just one 1GW nuclear power station. Solar needs 300-400 times the space of nuclear.
This one at Daya Bay below, does that job and more (it’s 1.5Gw capacity) — so it puts out power of roughly 50 times the area of the Taihang solar array, above. 
Daya nuclear is right near us, just to our north east. I’ve visited and been shown around. A fantastic experience.  
It provides half our power, clean, reliable, and gives us lower carbon emissions per cap than most Australians.
Daya Bay nuclear staton. We’ve sailed in the bay often. Lovely 
But no. No Nuclear. At COP26. Not even mentioned. 

ADDED: Sweden and France have nuclear power for 40% of their electricity. Lowest cost of electricity in Europe? Sweden and France. Lowest carbon emissions in Europe? Sweden and France. More