Wednesday, 17 November 2021

New Beaut Composter

Buddha Pine. Tumbling Composter, kitchen garden
Our first tumbling composter lasted three years. Its stand broke recently so we re-recycled its already recycled plastic. 

The one above cost about $US 90 delivered HK. It’s even better than the old one, as each chamber is individually rotatable. So it’s never too heavy to turn as the last was when full.

These tumbling compost bins are fantastic. They make rich, clean, dark, sweet compost in less than a month. At least for us here in tropical Hong Kong at 25-30C and high humidity. YMMV.

If this one lasts three years that’ll do fine. 

We do have an upright compost bin that’s twenty years old and still usable. But we don’t use it much as it’s home to a family of field mice that we don’t like to disturb. They’re rats, really, but that’s just so much of a pejorative and we don’t like to diss them. After all, they’re smart and considerate. They gave us considerable pleasure as we watched them work out how to get to the bird feeder when we’d moved it specifically so they wouldn’t be able get to it. They were. Eventually they worked out a path and now they share the bird feeder, which we let them and the birds don’t seem to mind. They — the Mouse Family — trouble us not at all. And, we suspect, young mouse family members provide the occasional meal to one of our resident Rat snakes. Plus they’re small. For rats. So it doesn’t seem so mawkish to call them Mr and Ms Mouse and family …