Wednesday, 3 November 2021

From Saint Fauci to Tony the Torturer. And WaPo *doesn’t* like it.

For years, the White Coat Waste Project was heralded by The Post as what they are: an activist success story uniting right and left. But now its work imperils a liberal icon.

Glenn Greenwald has the story. A big time dog lover. But you don’t have to be a dog lover to be horrified at the medical experiments on dogs in the US. Many doctors have called it out. Unnecessary and cruel. It’s #Beaglegate. /Last para:

For years, The Washington Post  reported fairly and truthfully on this group, [the White Coat Project] because none of its activities threatened any government officials whom the paper wishes to protect. Suddenly, when the work they have been doing for years began to reflect poorly on a government official vital to American liberalism, The Post launched a campaign that is not even thinly disguised but nakedly clear in its goal: to smear this group by impugning its motives and distorting its agenda so that its work is immediately and uncritically disregarded by the paper's overwhelmingly liberal audience.