Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Chinese: ‘uuuuge investments in Oz

Click to enlarge. Online here
A mate resident in China and handling assets of wealthy cosmopolitan Chinese tells me there’s been no let up in their investments in Australia. 

Same is true for property investments, so seems, as above in today’s South China Morning Post. 70% increase in a year. A year in which Xi Jinping and his bully buddies have been trying to punish Oz for having the temerity to ask for an international investigation into the origins of Covid. They stopped buying Aussie coal; result: coal prices are at record levels and coal shortages in China lead to power cuts. Chalk it up. Australia: 1, China: 0

ADDED: An OP points out the big increases in investment to commercial property in Australia (article above) is from the world, not just China. True. My main point stands: China’s embargo on Australian commodities has done nothing to Oz, but hurt China.