Saturday, 13 November 2021

President Markle? What fun!

It’s no wonder American politics are so much fun! You get this sort of frippery thrown into the mix and you can’t discount it. (Though the commenters do: “I’ll be Queen before Meghan is president. And I’m a MAN!”)

Still, what fun to watch, and as Alexander Larman speculates about a possible “Meghan for President” in 2028:

Perhaps the Sussexes have been playing a long game against the royals. What better and more damning way of avenging themselves on “The Firm” than to create a rival powerbase in the United States and win both the moral high ground and the kind of real executive power that Elizabeth II’s ancestors possessed but Harry’s father and brother can only dream of? The effects on the British monarchy would make 1776 look like a tea party by comparison.