Tuesday, 23 November 2021

“One Divides into Two” redux

Zuby: a British rapper and heterodox thinker.
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Some non-binaries of mine: 
  • I’m fully pro-vaccine; I’m against vaccine mandates. [ADDED: doesn’t make me “anti-vaxxer”]
  • I wear a mask when mandated; the science shows they are of limited use
  • I have accepted lockdowns; though lockdowns are of limited effect
  • I believe in the coronavirus; but Zero Covid policy is not the best way to stop it.
  • White Supremacy is horrid; Kyle Rittenhouse is not a white supremacist. 
  • "Black lives matter” (lower case); Black Lives Matter (upper case) doesn’t help improve their lives
  • Social justice is important; woke-ism makes it worse.
Another thing. Which is in the “things I don’t get” category. The MSM, which is almost all on the Left (in the 2016 election, 93% of print media who endorsed chose Hillary Clinton), often calls for Fox News -- the only MSM outlet on the Right -- to be shut down. That’s despite the fact that they denounce countries where there is only one source of media, places like China or Russia. 
But what then? What if they succeeded, got rid of Fox and there were only voices on the Left? They would probably coalesce between more Left and less Left, and the ones to the right of the Left would likely drift further right, and the ones to the Left further left. 
Because "One Divides into Two”, a favourite saying of Mao Tse-tung and which I first heard in 1976. 一分为二,Yi Fen Wei Er. Which we ought resist, despite its pull. Most things are not binary. And thus resist moves to limit the range of views.