Saturday, 20 November 2021

Gorgeous day in Hong Kong; sailing on the cards

Our patio Siena One. I read the morning papers here and am thankful
24C. Low moisture. Clear skies. Gentle zephyrs from the east.

Sailing to the Po Toi and Lamma on the agends.

Pool stays open until tomorrow. We’ll go for a valedictory swim. 

Tonight is my every-Saturday-night-meal that I cook, with 7:00 pm as the strict starting time. I enjoy doing it and it seems the recipients do too. For the few times I’ve gone into “grumpy old man” mode and threatened not to serve up any more Saturday meals I’m pleaded with to continue. TBF, we all enjoy the process and the routine. Every week I have to come up with a new main dish. This week it’s a French take on seafood pie: Seafood gratin Dieppe style (a Rick Steyn inspiration). Simple and yum. Served with caramelised apples, which Rick assures us is “not too Normandy”. We’ll see.

The seafood is prawns, scallops, salmon and cod. All harvested responsibly, of course! The gratin is Emmental and Panko. Result: crunch. Maybe I’ll add a touch of the Parmesan I just bought from Il Bel Paese.

Fine Days in Hong Kong. 

Mates return from Po Toi. Ask us to join. We agree