Wednesday, 3 November 2021

A couple of Gweilos moaning about Zero Covid policies


My letter. Today’s South China Morning Post
Me, published today (above and here, scroll down). And another regular Mark Peaker. Moaning about this government’s handling of Covid. At least with Australia — whatever you think about their policies — they’ve been clear in communicating. Not so here. Where all we hear is their latest tightening, to try to gain Beijing approval to open the land border. Pathetic.

A couple of gweilos. Do we count? Probs not. Elsewhere today I read that the number of foreigners in the city has dropped from 470k to 430k. I wonder if it will taper off. Especially as frustration with quarantine mounts  

And what’s with the ban on surfing at Big Wave Bay? Used to drive there in the lovely Porsche (best car I ever owned, even tho only did 800km in three years we owned it!) Is this some new bureaucratic humbug or is it, too, “cause Covid”?