Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Yet *more* things to worry about …

Josiah Zayner. Click “Why” to go to article 
As if we don’t have enough things to worry about. Now it’s that America’s quirky eccentrics, their famous  garage inventors, are endangered by faceless scolds running social media. Science rebels like Josiah Zayner, above. Author and gonzo journalist Matt Taibbi, one of those people of the Left who is disturbed by the authoritarian tilt of the Woke Left, tells us more. He begins:

Zayner, who has a PhD from the University of Chicago, worked for NASA researching the terraforming of Mars, and is the inventor of a musical instrument called the Chromocord that creates sound when light reacts with bacteria, was and is one of the world’s leading “biohackers.” He defines the term to mean “constantly pushing the boundaries of science outside traditional environments,” which he certainly did in this case, taking a radical approach to combating longstanding intestinal troubles. In layman’s terms, his plan was to nuke his natural bacteria with antibiotics, and replace them with bacteria from the feces of others.
And ends …
Culturally, we’ve always been a people up to something in our garages that was none of your business. As the world’s great hothouse for growing crazy people, America produced masses of harmless quacks, surrounded on the edges by a few world-changing geniuses and a fair number also of Mansons, Meteskys, and Starkweathers. With the exception of the occasional Anti-Saloon League or Un-American Affairs Committee, the freedom of spirit at the heart of this equation has for most of our history been celebrated more or less uncontroversially as a core American value. Usually, a majority figured the odd Scientologist or laetrile dealer was worth tolerating if we also got flying machines, the telephone, and Star Wars out of the bargain.