Thursday, 11 November 2021

‘Chinese scientists strike early gold in race to nuclear fusion power’ | SCMP

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Is Fusion power one of those things like flying cars? Forever just around the corner? I read something along those lines recently. That is, Fusion power is nowhere near commercially viable, despite drips and drabs that “we’re nearly there”. [E.G.] [And]

Could China have cracked it? Maybe. We ought be happy whoever comes up with a breakthrough, though I bet it would discomfit many China hawks if China does develop commercial fusion.

Here’s a story in today’s South China Morning Post:

At a Shanghai facility the size of a soccer field, Chinese scientists are firing powerful laser beam pulses at a tiny pair of gold cones in a bid to replicate the nuclear fusion process at the heart of the sun.
The cones, as small as pencil tips, have narrow ends which face each other and emit a plasma of hydrogen. When the two hot gas streams collide at precisely the right time and place, and in the right manner, they trigger a fusion reaction – the process which ultimately could provide a source of endless, sustainable energy. [Read on…]

ADDED: having watched both vids above and re-read the article it seems it’s huffery. It doesn’t even mention the measure “Q” = [Energy out➗Energy in] which I only just learnt about in Nuclear ConFusion, including the two types of Q, and basically means the article not credible. It’s a puff piece. It’s also, by the way, infested by masses of hyper-nationalist commenters, for whom this is so much red meat.