Sunday, 14 November 2021

Vaccines DO slow infection rates

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X-axis: vaccinated %. Y-axis: cases/million. R^2 = 70%
(Interactive charts are here)
A couple weeks ago I posted results of an Imperial College London study indicating that while vaccines reduce hospitalisation and deaths they did little to stop the spread of the virus. 

Now data from the US (above) strongly shows vaccines do in fact reduce the spread. This pulls out a plank from the arguments by vaccine resistant: namely "I’m not harming anyone (other than myself, potentially) if I’m unvaccinated as there’s no difference in the rate of spread". Well, there is. So go get vaccinated for the team. For the benefit of your village. 

That said, I’m still not in favour of mandates. They only harden the vaccine resistance. Better to persuade, with data like that above. 

We’re off to get our third jab, the booster, this week. So there.

MEANTIME: it’s another beaut day. Sitting in the garden, 22C and 50% humidity. A gentle northeasterly zephyr. Beautiful sailing weather....

Which reminds me: They’re racing yachts in the Around the Island Race. Often we were there, in our Xena. Which won its division last year.  But I’m not there today. Though Xena is out there with her new owners. I haven’t missed sailing since we sold Xena in 2019, but I kind of do today. Such perfect sailing weather and they’ll be having a fine time of it. Over a hundred yachts, racing clockwise around Hong Kong island, 22 nautical miles. The fastest will finish in about an hour, the slowest in five. Good luck to them all!

Our Xena, in full flight, Jing on the rail (4th fm R), me at the helm
Stevo behind me on tactics, Grunta on Jib trim
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