Monday, 9 May 2022

China-Australia relations: threat of war, race-baiting feature in campaigning ahead of May 21 election

Some of the rhetoric in Oz, over this election campaign strikes me as silly or unhelpful. Like the one above. But is it “racist”. Not that one, though it’s called racist in this article. You could say the same about a Russia and Putin. Would that too be “racist”. Clearly not. 
There are proper worries about China’s influence in the Australia body politic, via its United Front Work Department, an arm of the CCP. We’re rightly worried about that. It’s nothing to do with racism. The “racism” tag is a lazy way of shutting down discussion. In this case about the malign influence of the Chinese Communist Party, especially on Australian Universities. (I say “malign” because, having experienced it first hand, I find Chinese socialism, China’s Leninist government, malign).