Saturday, 7 May 2022

Monitoring the pandemic: first hints of dissention?

Couple comments:

Xi Jinping “pledged to fight any attempt to ‘distort, question and challenge’ the country’s [Zero covid] policies”.  PF: “distorting” is misinformation, so fair cop. But “questioning and challenging” is what everything should be about. 

Further down we’re told “China rightly maintains that human life is worth protecting…”. Well, excuse me! Like we don’t?! 

The editors say “dynamic Zero-Covid does nothing to raise hopes for an early reopening of the [Chinese] border with Hong Kong”. And the new administration has to “strike a balance to restore [infernatiinal] connectivity fundamental to Hong Kong’s standing.” 

That’s the first time in ages the Editorial in South China Morning Post — which I’ve said is the Voice of Beijing — has taken issue (“questioned”!) us following Beijing’s Zero Covid policy.