Monday, 30 May 2022

Monitoring the pandemic | Hong Kong’s Forever Virus

“Sounds the alarm”!?
Honestly, these “government advisers” are the end. They’re a bunch of pussies! “Unfair”, say I to me. They’re just doing their job. And as we’ve seen elsewhere, doctors do what doctors do, which is to prioritise life and the health system above all else. It’s up to politicians to balance the always-cautious (necessarily cautious) advice of medical folks with the needs of the whole community. That means we need to stop blindly following the super cautious advice of doctors and sundry experts. It means we should not “stop further easing” because of a few cases at some bars.

In other places (UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea) plans have been made to open up, to remove restrictions, according to a timetable, according to extent of vaccines roll-outs, , etc,  and they don’t falter when there’s a blip in cases. Here in Hong Kong we stumble and stagger from one “crisis” to the next, from one “surging wave” to the other, and we must always “battle fearlessly (Carrie Lam our dear leader, just the other day).

Oh dear.

Oh, one good thing: the comments at the online article are running solidly against this fear mongering. That’s a change from even just months ago. People have had it. 

A top-liked comment makes the point I make about these government advisers:

We need to start blaming the SCMP editorial team for giving these "experts" constant unwarranted media attention. We can never move on unless we stop giving these ppl the limelight.


Just back from 6 weeks in the US and Europe. Life is basically normal there. Yes, there are still infections. Yes, sadly people pass away from/with Covid like from other sicknesses. Though hospital capacities are not overwhelmed or even stretched.
People there are living free again. Businesses start to flourish again. People are travelling. Airports are busy. Live as it should be.
Hong Kong is living in a parallel universe. Every Hong Kong government official and expert shall go overseas for a few weeks, so they can experience how live should be.
My list of the Gang of Four government advisers:

  • Dr Albert Au Kai-wing. Centre for Health Protection
  • Professor David Hui Shu-cheong. Government pandemic adviser
  • Dr Leung Chi-chiu. Infectious diseases expert
  • Professor Yuen Kwok-yung, HKU head of infectious diseases